Our Services

HB is well-versed in all stages of consumer research, from research design to report delivery for both qualitative and quantitative studies. We also provide separate services of fieldwork, data processing and/or report, depending on client needs

Field Services

  • Qualitative :

    HB employs experienced independent recruiters and our consultants are experienced moderators who conduct focus groups and depth interviews.

  • Quantitative :

    HB employs experienced interviewers on a project basis and we conduct project central briefing personally. Field supervision is carried out by back-checking at least 25% on all quantitative surveys.

Data Processing Service

  • HB can provide cleaned and validated data in different formats that include Excel, SPSS and ASCII.

Analysis and Reporting

  • We go further than presenting mere numbers and research data. Local insights and implications are incorporated in analysis and report. Cultural differences and interpretation are stressed for regional projects.